How does checkmark feature work in Gmail plugin?

There are three variants of the check-mark icon that you usually see in your Gmail inbox where our Gmail plugin is active.

A double checkmark in grey color

Grey double tick denotes that the email was not sent through SalesHandy's Chrome plugin. 

A single checkmark in blue color

A single blue tick with a grey tick denotes that the recipient has received the email but yet open the email.

A double checkmark in blue color

Blue double tick denotes that the recipient has opened the email.

Exclamation mark:

An exclamation mark denotes the mail is bounced. In this case, please verify the email address of the recipient.

Note: The feature works for only those emails that you send using our Gmail plugin. If you send an email using an email campaign, the checkmark feature will not work for those emails in the Gmail tab. 

Refer to the GIF below to understand this process practically: 

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