What should I do if the Chrome extension is not working?

Important announcement: Saleshandy 2.0 chrome extension will discontinue from January 01, 2023. Click here to know more. 

If the Saleshandy Chrome extension is not working (not loading / Gmail loading hangs/issue in composing email) then you can Reset the plugin or restart your Chrome Browser.

  • To reset the plugin, you need to go to your Gmail mailbox and click on the SH icon, thereafter you will get to see the options as shown in the below image and there you will find the reset plugin option at the bottom left corner of the page. Clicking over it and then refreshing the page will work.


  • To restart Google Chrome without losing your open tabs, type chrome://restart into the address bar and press Enter.

Alternate method: 

  • Close the chrome and re-open.
  • After restarting, the Saleshandy plugin should work fine.
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