Does email tracking always work accurately?

SalesHandy does the best practice to provide you with accurate tracking services and better productivity. But sometimes, due to specific scenarios, email tracking services cannot provide precise email tracking. That contributes to less than 2% of the whole email tracking system.

The following scenarios restricting email tracking accuracy are:

1. When the Email Service provider removes the tracking pixel:

All email tracking tools insert tracking pixels in the emails to track the recipient's behavior. But in some cases, the Email Service Providers filter out the tracking pixels from the emails, which may provide an inaccurate result.

2. When the recipient has selected auto-download images off:

If recipients restrict their emails to auto-download images, the tracking pixels can not be triggered, making tracking unsuccessful. However, all the Email service providers keep the download image function ON by default.

3. Managing time between two consecutive opens:

If recipients open an email twice between 180 seconds, the system will count it as one open. Saleshandy implemented this feature to provide a more accurate analysis.

4. The system may take up to 30 seconds to track the open count:

We have placed buffer time for email tracking to work. If the recipient opens your email for the first time, they need to wait at least 30 seconds from when they received the email. If they open the email as soon as it's received, the open tracking won't work because the tracking gets activated after 30 seconds only.

We have implemented this to prevent auto-opens (false opens/clicks) from CRM/bots.

5. When the recipient doesn't have a compatible email format:

It rarely happens; the recipient reads the email in plain text rather than HTML format, which doesn't allow the tracking pixel to load. However, now all the updated email service providers provide HTML formats.

6. The plugin is not able to insert the tracking Pixels:

If the plugin doesn't work correctly due to any technical issue, it may not properly insert the tracking pixel.

7. If the API gets timed out or receives an error: 

If the SalesHandy API gets timed out due to low internet connectivity or any other restriction issues, it may not provide tracking information instantly. In this case, it is suggested to reset the plugin and check with the internet service provider.

8. We block self-opens:

If the sender opens the sent email where the SalesHandy plugin is not installed, the tracking pixels trigger, and the sender gets a notification that the email is opened. This is called self-open notification (false notification).

The only way to prevent false notification is to avoid opening the sent emails from any other device/browser where the SalesHandy plugin is not installed. 

If you open the sent emails where our plugin is installed, you will not get any notification because our plugin will block self-open notifications.

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