How to Repeat an Email Campaign?

Email Sending limits are restricted by the Email Service Providers and so we need to repeat our Email campaigns from different email accounts. So with SalesHandy, we can repeat the campaigns with both same recipients as well as different recipients.

So let's check how to repeat the campaign with the same recipients:

  • Send a campaign normally (How to send a campaign?).
  • In the new campaign select the list of recipients from the drop-down list Import from other Email Campaigns.
  • Select your respective template and add follow up steps.
  • Schedule your campaign.

How to repeat a campaign with different recipients:

  • You have to save your email in the email templates.
  • In the new campaign section, upload the list of recipients or select from the previous campaigns.
  • In the email body part, select the template that you had saved from the previous campaign (How to use an email template?).
  • Schedule your campaign.

This is how we can repeat our email campaigns multiple times.

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