In what conditions, the users get self notifications on Email opening?

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In certain conditions we see, the users get an email-open notification on opening the email thread by themselves. So let's go through the scenarios, where this situation occurs:

1. Either the plugin is not installed or not enabled.

  • If the user sends an email with an email tracking pixel in it and opens the email in Gmail without an activated plugin or disabled plugin, then the user receives an email-open notification.
  • This issue occurs because SalesHandy notices the tracking pixel but could not authenticate it with the user.

2. When the email is viewed via Mobile phones or Tablets.

  • If the user opens the email from the Sent folder in a mobile phone or a tablet, then the user receives an email-open notification as the tracking pixels in the email opens.
  • It is suggested to keep the automatic image download option turned off in the mobile devices.

3. Self Opening of Hyperlinks.

  • In case the user attaches any hyperlink with the email and opens those links from the Sent mail, then it gets an increase in reading count along with an email-open notification.

4. On clearing the Cookies of Internet Explorer.

  • Sometimes Outlook users get an email-open notification on the self-opening of email if in any case, they clear the cookies of Internet Explorer (or through an app that removes the cookies of IE).
  • In this case, it is suggested to close the outlook app and restart it again. This solves the self notification issue. 
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