What are "not opened", "not replied" and "been sent" conditions?

While setting up a followup up email in an email campaign, it is asked to choose the type of recipients those we want to send. SalesHandy categorizes our list of recipients into three types.

  1. Not Opened.
  2. Not Replied.
  3. Regardless

Not Opened:

Upon selecting the "Not Opened" category, the followup mails will reach to the recipients those who haven't opened the primary email. All other recipients, those who have opened or replied, would be excluded.

Not Replied:

When we select "Not Replied" category, the followup emails will reach all the recipients, those who haven't replied to your primary email.


When we select "Regardless" category, the followup emails will reach all the recipients (except the bounced email accounts)in your contact list.

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