How to edit a campaign after scheduling it?

We expect the best of our results from the email campaigns. So, under necessary conditions, we need to change the content of our scheduled campaigns for improving our email productivity. SalesHandy allows us to change the content of our campaigns, even after scheduling it.

Now let's learn how to change the content of a scheduled email campaign.

  • Login into the SalesHandy Web-app.
  • Click on Email Campaign from the left side menu.

  • Select the campaign that you want to edit and click on the edit button (pencil design) beside it.

  • It opens the email campaign's screen. We can make the necessary changes wherever required and Save it.
Note: A email campaign stage can be edited if it is in scheduled status. No further editing is allowed after the campaign stage moves to Queued. To know more about mail campaign status, please check  What does each Email campaign status denote?
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