Why my emails are not getting tracked when I reply/forward to any email from Outlook?

When you reply to an email but you do not get the email open notification or an increase in read-count, there is a chance that the tracking pixel in your reply email does not get loaded properly. So make sure, you reply to a mail with keeping the download images on.

While replying to an email, you should get a popup stating Automatic Picture Download. Make sure you click a Yes, before sending the reply.

If you don't receive a pop-up about Automatic Picture Download, discard the present reply email and follow the steps below to activate the same

  1. Go to File >> Option >> Trust Center in your Outlook.
  2. Click on Trust Center Settings.
  3. Choose Automatic Download from the menu.
  4. Here you can uncheck "Don't download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items" to send tracking pixels automatically or else check the "Warn me before downloading content when editing, forwarding, or replying to e-mail" to get a warning pop-up every time you reply to a mail with the tracking pixel.
  5. Click Ok and send your reply email.

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