How to set up Mail merge Campaign for your Outlook account?

To set up a mail merge campaign for your outlook account, you need to connect your outlook email account with SalesHandy. If already connected, then scroll down to know how to set up a mail merge campaign with SalesHandy.

Steps to add your Outlook account with SalesHandy:

  1. Go to SalesHandy Web-app>>Settings >> Email Accounts.
  2. Click on Add Account button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose Microsoft account from the popup and click on Continue.
  4. Provide the required credentials and allow access to SalesHandy.

Voila! Now your Outlook account is connected with SalesHandy. Here is a GIF to walk you through it:

Follow the below steps to set up a Mail Merge campaign from your Outlook Account:

  1. Open SalesHandy web-app.
  2. Go to Email Campaign>>New Campaign in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Upload the list of recipients in a CSV format, or choose the list of recipients from the past campaigns.
  4. Under the From Email column, select your Outlook email account.

    Select 'Send as reply' if you want to send all your followup emails in the same email thread)
  5. Write a subject and draft your first mail using the merge tags provided above the compose box. Eg.{{First name}} {{Last Name}}. These merges tags are automatically generated from the list of your recipients.
    Note: You can add the unsubscribe link {{unsubscribeurl}}, to add an unsubscription link in your email. It is advised to add an unsubscribe link to filter out all the recipients that are uninterested in receiving your email.
  6. Scroll down and click on add followup stage to draft your followup email. You can add up to 10 stages in one email campaign.
  7. Under the preferences, you can schedule your email campaign and adjust according to your preferred time zone.
  8. Check the campaign terms and conditions checkbox and click on Schedule Campaign.


  • An email campaign needs a minimum of 15 minutes to start a campaign. So, you need to schedule your email campaign at least after 15 minutes from the present time.
  • Before scheduling a campaign, please recheck your merge tags. All your merge tags should be in this format {{mergetags}}.
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