Is SalesHandy GDPR compliant?

Yes. SalesHandy is GDPR Compliant. You do not worry about your data being leaked or your privacy being hindered with us.

SalesHandy has been following GDPR and the new e-Privacy regulations very closely for several years now. We have worked with our regulatory attorneys and our vendors to ensure that we comply with all the regulations. Senior leadership from SalesHandy's Engineering, Security, and Legal teams are overseeing our compliance efforts, which include internal engineering projects, an examination of all potential processors and sub-processors of customer data, and legal review (among other things). 

In addition to many internal projects, we've partnered with a premier, well respected, data security and compliance consulting firm that has vast experience helping cloud-based, SaaS companies, to achieve data regulatory compliance and ensure your personally identifiable information is well protected.

The scope of GDPR covers natural persons and their rights. It excludes business entities or organizations and processing of their data.

It protects the processing of below mentioned personal data:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Also, indirect identifiers, including physiological, mental, physical, genetic, economic, cultural, and social identity.

To review additional contents about GDPR Compliance of SalesHandy, please go through SalesHandy GDPR Compliance.

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