How to setup and verify SPF records?

Sender Policy Framework is a security mechanism to avoid email spoofing and to confirm the recipient that the incoming email is from the email address that is authenticated and not a fraud.

Steps to set up the SPF on your domain server:

  • Identify your domain host and sign in to your domain account.
  • Go to the Domain name or the Domain Management page and find your TXT records.

set up the SPF in your Domain Server

  • Check if you already have the SPF record. The SPF record begins with v=spf1.
  • Create the TXT record with the help of the below variables:

Name/Host/Alias: Enter @ or leave it blank. Your other DNS records might indicate which entry is correct.
Time to Live (TTL): You can enter 3600 or leave it as blank
Value/Answer/Destination: Enter v=spf1 ~all ( This is the Variable for Google Accounts. In case of any other service users you need to check from their admin blog.)

Setting up spf records

  • Save the record. Your SPF record gets activated in 48 hours or less.

In case you already have an SPF record than skip this entire procedure from step 4 because having more than one SPF is not recommended since it creates an authorization issue. It is recommended to use the same SPF for all the email services.

Steps to Verify your SPF record.

You can use the Google Gsuit Toolbox and follow the step beneath:

  • Visit
Gmail toolbox for Verify your SPF record
  • Enter your Domain name.
  • Click on Run checks.
  • Once the test is finished, click on Effective SPF Ranges. You will get your SPF results.

There are many Service providers to check your SPF record like Mailchimp, Gsuite Toolbox. More or less, all of them perform a similar function to display the SPF record.

If you need live assistance in setting up the SPF, please schedule a call with our email deliverability expert.

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