Why do I get a notification when I open my emails?

Google recently updated Chrome. As a result, it affected all email trackers. You may notice that if you open the conversation, SalesHandy shows you that your recipient has opened it.

While we're working on a permanent solution, you can fix this by yourself in 30 seconds:
1. Open chrome://flags/#network-service from your Chrome browser.
2. In the Enable network service option, choose Disabled from the dropdown menu.
3. At the bottom of the page, click the Relaunch Now button. Your browser will relaunch.

Following the above steps will resolve your 'self-open' issue. Please refer to below screenshots for instructions:

Note - Please remember that you need to have our Gmail plugin activated in the browser or it may still show 'open notification' when you open any of your previously sent emails. If the same issue persists despite following the above steps, please reach us at support@saleshandy.com.

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