How can I find the location of my recipients?

SalesHandy allows its users to track the location of their recipients for better data analysis and scam prevention. You can track the location in two ways:
  • From the web-App.
  • From Gmail.

Follow this method to track the recipient's location from the Web app:

  1. Go to Email tab in the web-app.
  2. Choose the recipient name you want to track and click on the track count (under the eye symbol) beside it.

Follow this method to track the recipient's location from your Gmail Account:

  1. Go to your Gmail Account.
  2. Hover over the double tick icon beside the recipient's name.

   3. Hover over the Location sign to see the location.

Voila! Now you can see the date, time and the location from where the mail is opened.

Note: We don't provide location information of Gmail and Yahoo clients because Google and Yahoo do not provide correct locations. E.g.: if we were to track a recipient's location or IP, we would end up identifying all Gmail users as being located at Google's headquarters in California (which is obviously wrong). We prefer to provide no information at all rather than information which is incorrect.
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