How to automate Email campaign link click notifications in Slack using Zapier webhook ?

Follow the steps below to automate Email Campaign link notifications in Slack using Zapier webhook:

  • Go to Zapier and click on Make a Zap or click here.
  • Choose Webhooks from Zapier under When it happens and choose Catch Hook under Select and Search.
  • Select Slack under Do this and select send Direct message under Select and Search.
  • Click on Make a zap.
  • Name your Zap and copy the Custom Webhook URL provided.

  • Go to SalesHandy web app.
  • Click on Webhooks under the Setting tab and click on New Webhook.
  • Choose the settings accordingly:
    • Module: Email Campaign
    • Event: Email Link Click
    • Webhook URL: <paste the webhook URL copied from Zapier>
  • Click on Test and Save.

  • Click Continue on the Zapier webpage.
  • Click on Find Hook under Test your Connection.
  • Choose Slack under Choose App and click on Send direct message under Choose Action Event.
  • Hit Continue and click on Sign in to Slack.
  • Once you are signed in, go back and turn on your Zap beside your Zap name.
  • Fix the necessary fields like username, message text, etc and hit Continue.
  • Click Test message to Slack.

Voila! you are all done!!!

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