What to do if Outlook plugin is not visible in Outlook after installation?

If due to any reason, you are not able to see the Outlook plugin after installation, please refer to the process described.

  1. You need to check if your Outlook is a 32-bit or a 64-bit version. To know your version, click on File >> Office Account.

    Click on About Outlook under the Product information section to identify your Outlook version.

  2. Click File > Options > Add-ins
  3. Beside Manage field, select Com Add-ins Items, and click Go.
  4. Click on Add. It will open the window to add the plugin. Here you have to go to the Installation directory. (Default address is C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\SalesHandy).
  5. You need to select your appropriate DLL file.
    • For 32-bit: select adxloader.dll and click Open
    • For 64-bit: select adxloader64.dll and click Open

6. It will be visible in  Com Add-ins list. Verify-in the list and click OK.

Refer to the  video below to get the step-wise solution.

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